todo list

IN PROGRESS - - - - - - - Make a better layout for the website as a whole
IN PROGRESS - - - - - - - Finish the backlog
IN PROGRESS - - - - - - - Quality pass over all subpages
COMPLETE!!! - - - - - - - Consolidate certain sections
IN PROGRESS - - - - - - - Replace outside content with my own content, where appropriate
IN PROGRESS - - - - - - - Rework the music page


2023 AUG 26 - Added this page.

2023 AUG 27 - Adjusted the website layout. Red colors, plus an extra background image, and headings look nicer. Moved stuff around. Certain pages now lead to categories. New fonts. Removed the music player for the time being since it was causing issues.

2023 AUG 27 - New background image. First quality pass over all pages done. Stories added. Replaced stolen javascript in "my art" with the default CSS/HTML gallery in the character pages. Previous page button improvement.

2023 SEP 18 - Greatly expanded the backlog. Still not done. Also removed the "game reviews" subpage - it still exists in the website's internals but nothing leads to it anymore as it has been more or less deprecated by the backlog now.

2023 SEP 27 - New comment section, thanks to ayano. Runs entirely off of a script file and some google forms/sheets so, it has no weird shit attached to it. Also it just looks better. New blog entry.

2023 SEP 28 - Internal index page code cleaned. New version of the banner. Removed the QuickNav since it felt like a meh idea - links moved near the top of the index page instead.

2023 OCT 08 - Music page removed. The link does not go anywhere - I have plans on revamping that page in particular instead of it just being a disorganized mess. Main page is now, well, a main page - index.html has been replaced with a disclaimer. Something that should've been there a long time ago, I think.

2023 OCT 09 - Music page re-added, since I've started work on it.

2023 NOV 25 - Banner/badge updated to reflect the name change. Main page's buttons altered a little - all the other pages that had similar buttons have gotten the same treatment. Holy shit! Rotating square! Also, standardized the titles of most (all?) pages. About me pages updated.