This is a page I made for questions that a person may have about me. I still haven't gotten any real questions from anyone.

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Why the name "girlvomit"/"girlvomitenema"?

I came up with the first one when Discord rolled out it's definitely, totally well-received feature of giving everyone an unique username and removing the discriminator, thereby making it so that instead of 9999 people being able to use a name, only 1 person can use that name. All in the name of solving the problem of limited usernames. Apparently. I decided that if I'm gonna use a new name, I didn't feel like using my previous ones, because they were boring. So I thought about it - actually, no I didn't. I'm not capable of thought. I decided to go with "girlvomit", because it gives funny reactions from people, and honestly? It's good at giving off what my vibes are like.

The "enema" part was added on for Tumblr since the name was taken already and I wanted to make the name even more disgusting/funny. Enema seemed like the obvious choice.

Your favorite video games of all time?

The Zero Escape series, Breakdown, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Dead Rising, Yakuza Zero, Mirror's Edge, Drakengard (yes, the first one.), Inscryption, NieR Replicant, Metroid: Zero Mission, Iji, E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy, the Trauma Center series, Silent Hill (the first four games), Metal Gear Solid 2, Kirby Air Ride, Blinx 2, The World Ends With You... just to name a few.

Drakengard 1? Seriously?

Seriously. I had a whole paragraph here about how much I like it but to be honest, I've decided I don't need to explain myself.

Have you ever played X game?/You should play this game!

I know you mean well, but I just can't willingly start a game if I don't feel like it. I give every game its time soon enough, but it can't be forced into me. I will take your recommendation into consideration later, though.

What's the origin of your old name?

Kataiser was taken from a game called "Iji" - the protagonist shares the same last name.

Alice... kind of just came to me. There's a bit of a story to it. I was trying to make a headmate "forcibly" named Alice, got some art of her, made a little bit of a story about her, and kept at it for about a month before I kind of just gave up. I ended up assimilating all of it to my own identity instead. I became the person I was trying to make.

"Snuffy" formed as a joke that eventually I liked enough to keep permanently. I was playing Team Fortress 2 under the name "snuffbait" (don't ask), and someone called me "snuffy" by accident. I said it was cute, and they continued to call me that as a result, and then other started people calling me that... so now it has stuck as a middle name. I like it.

Your new name?

Akane was chosen for a few reasons: the word means "deep red" which fits me, I like the sound of it, and also a very small part of it is to spite someone I very, very much dislike. If you know, you know :)
Kisaragi, as a last name, the two parts can mean "rabbit" and "moon".
It's also the same initials as my old name: AK. It works out nicely.

What happened to X removed/edited content on this site?

If you saw it, no you didn't
(The real answer is that I often look back on previous work, decide "hey this is garbage actually" and start feeling stupid, and either remove it or revise it. Mostly the former, though)