This is where I'll dump links for everything of note that I find that doesn't necessarily fit on the "weird stuff" page. Mostly resources, or other ways to spend time.


Sounds Resource - A library for video game sound effects.
Emulation Game Wiki - Wiki + general resource for emulation. A lot of useful things can be found here.
SauceNAO - Reverse image searching tool, intended to be used for art.
Pixelart Converter - Pixellizes an image of your choice.
Favorite Pokemon Picker - A tool for compiling a list of your favorite pokemon. Here's mine!
Shinigami Eyes - A browser extension that shows if someone/something is trans-friendly or bigoted.
Ublock Origin - Adblocker for Firefox. This is practically essential for going anywhere in the web.
Enhancer for Youtube - Browser extension that improves YouTube functionality, by adding loop options, volume boosts, video speed options, etc.
NIPPER Maps - Nipper's personal page for his GoldSrc/Source maps.
BetterSAM - A tool that allows making downloadable voiceclips of the old Software Automatic Mouth TTS.

art, memes, miscellaneous

Metalheart / early 2000s wallpapers
Picture of hot dog - It's a picture of a hot dog.
crouton.net - crouton
DESKTOPGENERATION - Art collective that makes more metalheart / similar art. Check out their gallery!
Shake Art - Make your own Vib-Ribbon style drawings.
Official Xbox Magazine - Repository for both the US and EU versions of the OXM.
Driving off the Map - An in-depth analysis of Metal Gear Solid 2.
Let's Break Pokemon Blue - A deep exploration in how much you can break Pokemon Blue before it kneels. The answer is "a whole fuckin lot".
The VR Theory - An essay on how MGS2 could be interpreted as happening in a simulation.
SUPER MEGA COMICS - My instincts tell me life shouldn't be so horrible.
Sinkdog Archive - An archive for sinkdog art.
Osamu Sato Archive - An archive that holds most of Osamu Sato's work.

downloadable games

otogomez - A collection of strange RPG maker games. They may need a bit of tinkering to make them work.
Cicada Marionette - CryptWorlds creator's personal website. There's quite a bit to see here.
The Obscuritory - A blog that talks about lesser known games.
CLASSIC GAME - RPG Maker 2000 game. Classic game.
Modlink - A resource for Uplink mods. Hasn't been updated since 2005, but, uh, it's there!
Onlink - A rather large mod for Uplink, with a bunch of new content. Has seen very very little activity nowadays. The most recent version I can find is here.
Weird Fucking Games - Self-explanatory.

webtoys / browser timewasters

DAN-BALL - Collection of webtoys. A lot of classics here.
Simon Tatham's Puzzles - A collection of puzzles, played in the browser or downloadable. Available as a mobile app as well. Has kept me company for many years.
Your World of Text - Multiplayer notepad, editable by anyone. As one might expect, it's anarchy in there.
Ventscape - Shout into the void. Maybe someone will listen.
Explorable Explanations - Interactive experiences designed to better explain some concepts. Very educational.
Incremental Games - A list of incremental/idle games to play.
Project Brick - Archive of Lego-related games and media.
Noclip - Explore a wide variety of video game maps... in your browser!
Yume Nikki Online - Play Yume Nikki and a bunch of fangames... in your browser!