bridges to other worlds


Sounds Resource - A library for video game sound effects.
Emulation Game Wiki - Wiki + general resource for emulation. A lot of useful things can be found here.
SauceNAO - Reverse image searching tool, intended to be used for art.
Pixelart Converter - Pixellizes an image of your choice.
Favorite Pokemon Picker - A tool for compiling a list of your favorite pokemon. Here's mine!
Ublock Origin - Adblocker for Firefox. Essential for going anywhere in the web.
Enhancer for Youtube - Browser extension that improves YouTube functionality, by adding loop options, volume boosts, video speed options, etc.
NIPPER Maps - Nipper's personal page for his GoldSrc/Source maps.
BetterSAM - A tool that allows making downloadable voiceclips of the old Software Automatic Mouth TTS.
XLATOR - A remake of paulschou's original "TRANSLATOR, BINARY" page.
TF FileFactory - An archive of old QuakeFortress/TFC maps.
cobalt - A tool for downloading media more easily, in a similar vein to youtube-dl.
youtube-dlp - Speaking of... a fork of youtube-dl with fancy stuff on top.
OBS Videocall Streaming Tutorial - Because searching for "obs discord streaming with audio" doesn't fucking lead to this page, for some reason.
gnuThumbnailer - A tool for making thumbnails by the batches. It looks ancient, it does exactly what it needs to without bullshit. It's how I ensured the gallery page didn't require 5 minutes of downloading to fully appear.
Vesktop - Discord alternate client, designed around Linux but available on all platforms. I use this on my Steam Deck - streaming actually works properly on it.

art, memes, info

Metalheart / early 2000s wallpapers
Picture of hot dog - It's a hot dog.
crouton.net - It's a crouton.
DESKTOPGENERATION - Art collective that makes more metalheart / similar art.
noisivy - Y2K-like art
Shake Art - Make your own Vib-Ribbon style drawings.
Official Xbox Magazine - Repository for both the US and EU versions of the OXM.
Driving off the Map - An in-depth analysis of Metal Gear Solid 2.
Let's Break Pokemon Blue - A deep exploration in how much you can break Pokemon Blue before it kneels. The answer is "a whole fucking lot".
The VR Theory - An essay on how MGS2 could be interpreted as happening in a simulation.
SUPER MEGA COMICS - My instincts tell me life shouldn't be so horrible.
Sinkdog Archive - An archive for sinkdog art.
Osamu Sato Archive - An archive that holds most of Osamu Sato's work.
Portal 2 ARG SPUF Thread - An archived page of the thread used to compile information on the Portal 2 Potato Sack ARG, back when the Steam User Forums still existed. Most, if not all the links are unfortunately dead, so the images are potentially lost forever. A damn shame, because they make most of this thread.
pouet - Demoscene archive.

downloadable games

otogomez - A collection of strange RPG maker games. They may need a bit of tinkering to make them work.
Cicada Marionette - CryptWorlds creator's personal website. There's quite a bit to see here.
The Obscuritory - A blog that talks about lesser known games.
CLASSIC GAME - RPG Maker 2000 game. Classic game.
Modlink - A resource for Uplink mods. Hasn't been updated since 2005, but, uh, it's still up, so...
Onlink - A rather large mod for Uplink, with a bunch of new content. Has seen very very little activity nowadays. The most recent version I can find is here.
Weird Fucking Games - Self-explanatory.
MyAbandonware - Archive for old, forgotten games. You've probably never seen 80% of this shit. Just be mindful downloading some of these - if a download looks sketchy, try looking for alternatives.
Need for Speed Abandonware Downloads - EA clearly doesn't give a shit about the older NFS games anymore. So here's a resource for most, if not all, the ones that are unavailable anywhere. (Literally; the purchase buttons on Steam are gone.)

webtoys / browser timewasters

DAN-BALL - Collection of webtoys. A lot of classics here.
Simon Tatham's Puzzles - A collection of puzzles, played in the browser or downloadable. Available as a mobile app as well. Has kept me company for many years.
Your World of Text - Multiplayer notepad, editable by anyone. As one might expect, it's anarchy in there.
Ventscape - Shout into the void. Maybe someone will listen.
Explorable Explanations - Interactive experiences designed to better explain some concepts. Very educational.
Incremental Games - A list of incremental/idle games to play.
Project Brick - Archive of Lego-related games and media.
Noclip - Explore a wide variety of video game maps... in your browser!
Yume Nikki Online - Play Yume Nikki and a bunch of fangames... in your browser!
Notpron - An old one. A (technically) browser-based game that involves finding an username & password to access the next page. Puzzle difficulty ranges from simply looking at the source code, to tinkering with audio files and color channels within images, to, at one point, straight up having to do remote viewing/astral projection... well, at one point, at least. They removed that.

videos, stories and other media

RubyQuest - Interactive story that started, and finished, on /tg/. Formative. A young woman wakes up in a facility, with no memory of how, where, or who she is. Preserved in Flash format, with extras.
Roommates - Long written story, based on the FNaF series. Formative. A lone human tries to get by in a world full of animal people.
NanQuest - Interactive story that has been finished. Spiritual successor to RubyQuest. A repairwoman is tasked with fixing electrical issues at a hotel. Things don't go as planned. Preserved in Flash format.
YAY YAY - Deranged shitpost of a video. The nature of its discovery, and its meaning, eludes me.
celluloid 3000 - Completely normal Counter-Strike footage. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this video. Everything is fine.
What is your password? - What it feels like trying to log in to anything nowadays.
Please Say Something - Animation by David O'Reilly. A strained relationship between a cat and a mouse.
The External World - Animation by David O'Reilly. Snapshots of unhinged, chaotic lives.
Screaming Starcraft Guy - YouTube playlist. The most normal streamer in the world. Prepare your eardrums.