list of weird and/or cool shit i found i think is neat

This is just a collection of things I've seen over the years that I wanna share with others.

Click the images on each item to view.


Content warnings: horror, gore, blood

This is a text and image adventure that started a long, long time ago on /tg/ on 4chan, by TGWeaver. It gained popularity for being one of the first to influence this format of interactive game. I first read this as a young teen, and I have been utterly obsessed with it ever since. It still holds up to this day... at least, I think. I'm not biased at all. Honest. It only influced every single part of my personality, you know?
The link above leads to a Flash version of the adventure, that has bonus content at the end of each part. There are various ways to read it, though.


Content warnings: horror, blood, themes of depression/trauma

This is a fanfiction work, also written by TGWeaver. It is not interactive this time. And it's about Five Nights at Freddy's. ........ Uh, sort of. The basic premise revolves around a human named Mike Schmidt trying to just make it in life in a world inhabited full of furries. As you may probably expect, all the animatronics in this alternate-universe work are just normal-ass people instead, all with very varying personalities. And much, much friendlier. Most of them, at least. It's a very long read, and it has art sprinkled throughout, but it's very engaging and one of my favorite works of all time along with RubyQuest. The link above leads to the AO3 page for it - as far as i know, that is the only place where it's hosted.


Content warnings: horror, gore, blood, religious stuff

Another text and image adventure by TGWeaver, intended as a successor to RubyQuest but isn't a sequel to it - they are wholly separate works in terms of story. While it wasn't as influential to me, it's still a very good read, and a longer one at that. Again, the above collection leads to the Flash version of the story, with bonus content at the end. There may be other ways to read it.


Content warnings: loud noise, incredibly crudely drawn stickman violence/lewd nonsense, pure insanity

I don't know what the fuck this video is. I don't know how I came across it. I don't know why it exists. But it is here and it has been stuck with me as a brain worm for the 13 years it has existed. The uploader themself has given no context for it.


Content warnings: loud music, pure insanity

What is this video? Well, technically, it's someone very obviously cheating at CS:GO. The rest? Uh.... you're on your own for that one. A different brand of unhingedness.


Content warnings: piss, overall toilet/nonsense humor, loud noises

A game released waaay back. It's... hard to explain what it is exactly. Vinny Vinesauce played it on stream a while back I believe? A sequel is in development. Have yet to beat it myself but it sure is an experience.

Please Say Something

Content warnings: Abuse, trauma, suicide, loud noise

An animated short story made by David O'Reilly, way back in 2009, about a troubled relationship between a cat and a mouse. Most of his videos have been unlisted from Youtube for some reason, but this one is still available to watch on his personal website.

Screaming starcraft guy

Content warnings: Incessant loud banshee-like screaming, general insanity

This is a Korean livestreamer that seemingly mostly plays Starcraft. The image links to a custom playlist I've made that shows every video of him exercising his beautiful voice.

The External World

Content warnings: Loud noise, sexually explicit scenes, gore, unreality, gross stuff in general, abuse, suicide, offensive imagery, complete insanity

A 17-minute animation by David O'Reilly. I... don't have the words to describe what this is. There's far too much to unpack in this one. Every scene is a complete slap to the face, one after another. Definitely not for the faint of heart. I also don't know how it managed to survive on YouTube with the kind of content it has. It's unlisted, but I've managed to retrieve the video link.

Parappa Dies

Content warnings: loud noise

Parappa gets in a horrible accident.

What is your password?

Content warnings: Screaming

How I feel trying to log in sometimes.

Heavy Greenscreen

Content warnings: Loud screeching noise

Heavy has a normal one.


Content warnings: None


Brad Divides By Zero

Content warnings: loud noise

Can we watch ourselves? Can we watch ourselves? Oh my god! Can we watch ourselves? Oh my god! Can we watch ourselves? Oh my god! Can we watch ourselves? Oh my god! Can we watch ourselves? Oh my god! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH