special thanks

Arctaisia - The love of my life, and the parent I never had. I love you.
Sofanthiel, Vira, RC-I - You are very precious to me. I love you.
Lilith - One of my closest, most precious friends. I wouldn't still be here without you.
Bax, DDan - For being some of my dearest friends, and for always accepting me no matter what.
Ohzee - For supporting me in my times of need, and ensuring I didn't go hungry during these awful times.
Cherry, Cooper, Schlinky, Qbetex - For being my long-time friends, sticking with me through all these years.
Ruby - For giving me a place I can safely be myself.
dvdgg - For the many, many pieces of art you gifted to me and being a good friend.
Anya f., Yani, Gooie, Peril, Floofy, Evelynn b., Rykah, Skunky, Sonador - For being the family I never had.

Anya t., Aceien, Alison, dvdgg, Geferon, Golde, Alice s., Hiroplex, Alice d., Alice w., Alice a., Care, Chem, chickenlover, Lyoko, code807, Crash, Dollie, Jugador, morg, Mirna, Myles, Nebula, Nutcake, Omnyx, Justin, Phi, Demache, Diethyl, Kris, Toxicoow, Trixie, Flicky, Plaster, Evelynn h., Foohy, Hazel, Jasmine, Fawn, Jad, Jai, Kage, Lyo, Marshall, Cy, CC, Daft Lad, Daz, Scaled, Serufu, Shawny, ShockCoil, Sierra, Wyrm, Dove, Sitkero, Sairyuto, Sparks, Stacey, Fio, Sumap, Swissy, Terru, Aura

You are all my friends. And I love you dearly.