november 3rd, 2023 - 2:46 pm


I'm back from BLFC.

It... to be brutally honest, it could've gone better for me. I've... had some incredibly rough moments. I thought I wasn't going to live through it.

But I stuck with it all the same and, I managed to make the most of it on the last day. Though I have a lot of regrets, I'm still glad I got to see everyone. Post-con depression's already kicking in - that's not gonna be fun to deal with.

The time will pass. It'll come around again. I just need to hold on until then.

In other news, uh. I don't have any real news to be quite honest. My birthday was on the 29th last month! I didn't do a lot of celebrating though because I went to the con pretty early. I didn't really uh, get all that much in gifts, if anything, but.. it's alright.

Website updates will still be rather slow - that's how I foresee things anyway. I don't have a lot of motivation to finish things - when is a website ever finished anyway? - and to be honest, who is even still looking at this website anymore? The view counter keeps going up alright but, eh. It just feels like I'm writing to nobody.

I'll be around somewhere. Until next time.