july 29, 2023 - 10:49 AM

Hey, remember when I was gonna work on the music page? Yeah I finally did that. I wasn't in the mood to add more than that, maybe I'll do it later, but at least it's done now. Go look! And make fun of me!

Beyond that... it's hard to remember what I've added inbetween blog entries but there's the game advice page. I swear I had some kind of idea for another page but I've long forgotten it now.

Check out the fancy background by the way! I used a picture I took during the winter and edited it heavily until it looked good enough to use as a background. Hopefully it doesn't get in the way of readability - I brightened up the regular text color a little, and made the background slightly transparent, hopefully it'll help. I've also enhanced the 404 page in a similar way, instead of just being stuck on the "0.1 version" of this website.

The history of the website is not that interesting, or particularly long. I had another Neocities account ages ago and tried to make a website too, but... it did not get very far. For those who witnessed the first 2 or 3 days that this website was in its basic form - that's what the previous site looked like, too. Today it's, uh... I seem to have left it in quite the state. Check it out here - there's not much to look at. I'm gonna check if there's any other pages remaining on it - if I even remember the password to the damn thing - and will update this entry shortly if there's anything interesting.

I hope this website can survive juuuuust a little longer than my average undertaking, though. I've actually put some real effort in it, after all, so I'd hope I wouldn't want to just drop it so soon.

As for life stuff, well... let's just say I had my first, real, intimate experience with someone a few days ago. I think it changed me a little. Besides that, still waiting on those Deck accessories. It's becoming a real pain in the dick.

Nothing else to report! Alice signing out.

EDIT: So... this is all there was in there:

...Yeah. Not worth keeping around, I think. Not even as some kind of.. relic or something. I've decided to delete that website.