july 24, 2023 - 6:39 PM


So... I've been fucking around with the website some more! New pages added, most importantly the game not-quite-reviews section and a simple page detailing all my OCs. That's the first time all of them have made a public appearance! Say hi! And be nice to them! (please)

I've become fully commited to just making all the graphics in MS Paint because to make it look "better" or "higher quality" would just make it look shittier and is not the vibe I'm going for. There is a charm to these simple drawings and I am going all in on it.

I meant to make the music page first but the idea of making an OC page got higher priority and got me sidetracked. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

In other good news; I'm finally getting some financial support! Feeding myself won't be as much of a nightmare now and the financial load has been lessened, so I can breathe a little easier. Here's hoping my residency application gets accepted as well.

I've also been getting a bit of interaction with other Neocities users... I'm glad to know people like the drawings I do on here!! awawa

Finally I'm getting some new accessories for my Deck that will hopefully make it less cumbersome to carry around... and potentially also let me use my keyboard + mouse AND charge it at the same time. I'll be fucking unstoppable when it all arrives. Probably.

I've got nothing else to say for now!! Deck's running low on battery and it's almost time for me to go outside anyway. Alice signing out.