july 23, 2023 - 7:50 AM

Good morning.

I am typing from my Steam Deck right now. On Windows. You might be wondering, isn't the virtual keyboard total garbage? Well, actually, I've found a wireless keyboard and mouse set to use with it! Only problem is I can't charge it at the same time cause the USB hub I got has no USB-C ports. Have to get another one later on. Still, though, it works decently enough. The keyboard is rather small though, I'm still not used to typing on such a small thing. At least it's portable.

As for life stuff, I went to the Pride event yesterday. I seem to have a false memory of writing about this before because I can't find anything about it here, but to summarize, I initially decided not to go because of the extreme heat (up to 107 F!), and a few other things... but a friend asking me to go with it was enough to convince me. How easily I am swayed...
It was fun, though. I didn't get to see the parade or walk in it, which is fine with me, I think I would've died of heat stroke if I did. And I got to hang out with someone I really, really like. Not necessarily in that way, I just like its presence. It's very affectionate, and as a poor touch-starved bastard, that's really, really good for me.

There's also some other stuff going on with me that is kind of weighing down on me... though, I don't feel this is an appropriate place to write about it. Not that anywhere else is, really. I'll probably be fine, writing this blog entry is helping me distract myself.

Anyway, I've got a few more ideas for this website. Nothing really solid yet, just random things bouncing arouind in my head. I'm not fully done with this site yet (will I ever be?), and I'll be able to work on it more easily now that I don't need to bust out the laptop just to get shit done. Expect to see some neat changes!

That's all for today. Alice signing off.