july 10, 2023 - 12:30 PM


So I've continued working on the website a little bit as you might have noticed. A new brand spanking new comment section is available where you can send me hate mail uh I mean very nice things. The objective of 2 days ago of having an inbox on here is... sort of complete? I guess. Over the course of the day I might start opening up the creations page. I also need more images I think. This is all just text at the moment which probably gives amazing load times but it doesn't look too pretty. The background in particular is just a boring black. And I'd like to use a cool font, too... I'm thinking I might use the MGS2 menu UI font for the headers and shit. If it's not unreadable.

As for life stuff... not much to say. Still just vibing. A particular person that used to harass me a lot was banned from here 2 weeks ago for, well, 2 weeks. I haven't seen them return today though. Hopefully that remains the case. I don't know if I want to deal with that absolute headache again.

BLFC is inching ever closer, with only 112 days left. I'm worried it won't be as great of an experience as before - a lot of the original crew I went with last year isn't going this time. The person I wanted to see - the whole reason I'm going there in the first place - still needs to figure out rooming and such. If she doesn't go, I'll kinda have bought that pass for nothing...

In completely unrelated matters, I think my Project Zomboid addiction is starting to wear off a little. I may be getting into other games soon... I never did finish the whole Mass Effect trilogy fully, after all...

Well, I got nothing else to add. Alice signing off. Have a good day.

EDIT 4:20 PM (nice): Check out that index page! Also, gallery is available. Not much to see since I have not done a lot of art but. Maybe there will be more soon.