july 8th, 2023 - 6:40 PM

So... here I am on neocities again, making an ACTUAL effort for hosting a website. I decided to just bite the bullet and become a supporter so I have all the cool shit right away. It's only 5 bucks a month. It's not really a big deal, even if I stopped receiving donations, I'd have enough to run this website for at least a whole year.
I'm listening to breakcore as I work on my website, chilling in a cot, in the conference room of a homeless shelter. If there is a typical trans girl experience, this is it, I think. I've just finished doing a raid in Destiny 2 with a bunch of friends (Deep Stone Crypt if you're curious) so now I'm just sitting here working on this. I'm still thinking about what I want to add to this site. I have a "cool things" section already, this is the blog... maybe I should make a page for random game advice. Always liked to do that. Always like to write walkthroughs or support guides for games, though I never get to do many of them because I just never really had a place to do it, and also everyone else already did it for me.
Besides that, I'm unsure what else to do here. I could put in a gallery of the art I've got. If I knew how to set up some sort of inbox, I'd do that. I guess I could always link to retrospring if that's a thing people want. Maybe I'll think of other things when I see something and go "wait, I could put this on my website".

Anyway, Alice signing off. Have a good evening.