old blog entries

mar 05, 2024

the links, about and gallery pages are active. small adjustments here and there.

mar 03, 2024

CLAIRE: when i decided to work on this again it was when i was too sleepy to do much of anything so all you get is a different looking index/main page. good night

feb 24, 2024

hello again. welcome to something new but also still the same

i've decided to make the blog a thing that's just part of the main page - it was not important enough to have its own whole-ass directory, also i genuinely just do not have that much to say and weirdly i felt the pressure to have SOMETHING on there every day. older entries will be clumped together in a separate page still. other than that - look around if you want. this site is 50% being recreated from the ground up, 50% salvaged from the old assets. if i remember to work on this place, everything will be up and running again before too long.