My name is Akane Kisaragi (it/its). I am the host of the SCARLET WATCHER/SILENT STAR system - my headmates are Willow (she/they), Ruby (she/they/it), and an as of yet unknown 4th member.
My body is 24 years of age, and my birthday's on October 29.
I'm a genderfucked trans girlthing (don't think about it too hard) furry bumblebee-rabbit hybrid. Therian. Pro-fiction.
Officially, I've only been diagnosed with C-PTSD, but I've shown some pretty damn serious signs of ADHD, autism, schizophrenia, bipolar, and whatnot, as well.
Estrogenated since 2021. Currently dating my girlfriends, Arctaisa, Sofanthiel, Vira, and RC-I, all of them part of the same system.


I am generally a very quiet and reserved person. There are moments where I just don't speak at all whatsoever, and have had a 3-year streak of never speaking a word.
I may be seen as somewhat anti-social. I tend to keep to myself a lot and generally avoid being near people I don't know too well.
I'm also not one to often engage in conversations first, nor am I very good at one-on-one small talk. It's hard to gauge what makes making friends easier for me. There are a few definite factors, though.
I can be a very warm and loving person. You just have to earn my trust.


I don't have a lot in the way of interests. I've been fascinated with video games all my life and have been gaming since I was 4 years old. I'd like to say that I'm at the very least sort of decent at video games. Beyond that, I only have not-as-deep interests; I've dabbled in programming before but have forgotten basically all about it. I've done some writing, but I might not publish what I've put out because it's all kind of terrible. I also make meme drawovers, but my actual skill at drawing is very low.

I listen to a wide variety of genres - there is no particular genre that sticks out to me, but Spotify lists my preferred genres as "soundtrack, video game, metal, electronic, funny (?), J-pop, dark, rock, ambient, motivation, synthwave, drum and bass, post-rock, epic, angry". The "funny" genre seems to just.. include all the breakcore songs, Yakuza soundtracks, and a bunch of other things I would not immediately think of as "funny". Interpret that however you will, I guess.
Other than that, I have a passing interest in (psychological) horror media like the SCP wiki, and generally seeking out obscure games.

The only other major interest I have is that I'm a massive fucking horny bastard. You won't really see me talk about that sort of thing.


I don't usually give out my socials. I'm really only active on Discord anyway these days. I've given out my username elsewhere on this website, but I won't accept random requests. If you must get in touch with me for some reason, the comment section is one way.