This website contains 18+ subject matter within.

The website itself is not out right NSFW - places that do have such content, will be marked as such, but it is not the focus of the website.

No specifics will be tagged otherwise. No potentially triggering content will be tagged. I do not filter myself here. You have been warned.

This website was originally built on a 1280x800 screen (aka the Steam Deck) - however, after I write this, it may already have been updated to instead support 1920x1080 resolutions.
Things may look strange on other devices/screens.
I will also not go out of my way to support mobile devices, not even my own. Sorry.

The website has a few small scripts, particularly in the commentbox. Using something like NoScript won't break anything besides maybe one or two links, and the commentbox. No cookies or anything either because I don't know how those work.